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We're a small office that's big on knowledge and experience.  Even though we have years of experience, the tax code is constantly changing, we invest in continuing education to stay trained and up-to-date on tax matters.


Hickel CPA has been a part of the Hinsdale business community for over 38 years.  Our key to success is providing you with the best in personalized service from our staff of seasoned professionals. 


We're not going anywhere. Hickel CPA is a  family owned business and now under ownership of the 2nd generation CPA.  Our clients know we are here to stay.  We care about our clients and it's reflected in our reputation. 

2023 End-of-year activity

Now is the perfect time to review your 2022 year-to-date activity!  If you own a small business or are self-employed, you have until the end of the year to make payroll and/or estimated tax payment adjustments.  The 2023 tax filing season (for 2022 tax returns) will be here soon and we LOVE to see break-even results!  Why let the IRS and state agencies hold on to your hard-earned dollars?  Refunds are just a free loan to Uncle Sam and you can pocket most of that money NOW!

If you are self-employed, recently changed jobs (or lost your job), have 2 sources of income or had a major life change like marriage, divorce or the birth of a child, let us know!  Any of the above life changes could lead to a big swing in your tax position, causing unforeseen liabilities or refunds.  We can help mitigate taxes and explain the details.


We have state-of-the-art secure systems in place for digital document transfer.  We highly recommend sctivating your account and our "Client Portal" link above to send us tax forms, financial and personal information.  We will be in the office taking phone calls, accepting drop-offs and will be hosting Zoom and in-person meetings upon request.


Please reach out so we may accomodate your specific needs.  Our goal is to maintain a healthy, safe and informative practice and we look forward to assisting you with your tax and accounting needs.

Current News

  • IRS / State agency notices.  Many new tax credits, form filing requirements and types of source document have led to new 'matching' notices being issued.  If you receive a notice by mail, don't panic.  Many times the response to a notice can be quick and easy, leading to no changes in the tax return results.  Contact us immediately and provide a copy of the notice so we may advise you properly.

  • Data breaches. ​​Clients concerned about sensitive information breaches (Equifax, Wells Fargo, etc...) should frequently monitor their credit.  Start with CreditKarma for a free resource that will list all open accounts associated with your Social Security Number.  If there are accounts that you do not recognize then implementing a credit freeze may be necessary.  As a precaution, enrolling in LifeLock or a similar identity protection plan is a good budget-friendly first step.

  • Get organized and ready to file early each year!  If you are worried about identity theft issues then filing your tax return as early as possible should be a priority.  The first return filed is the first return accepted, and once your tax return has been accepted by the IRS no one else can submit using your information!  If a theif files with your personal information first, you may be caught scrambling to get your identity back.
  • DON'T FALL FOR TAX SCAMS!!!  There are a number of "IRS" emails and phone calls asking "taxpayers" to download software or reply with information. The IRS will NEVER contact anyone by Email, nor will they initiate communication by phone.  You will always receive a letter sent by USPS as the first method of communication.  If you have encountered a scam issue, contact me immediately!